View Full Version : Problems with SqueezeNetwork

Mike White
2005-11-01, 20:18
Is anyone having any problems with SqueezeNetwork in the last day or so (as of November 1st). I have been using SqueezeNetwork quite frequently since it started, and generally having no problems. Today (and possibly yesterday - I was hooked to my computer yesterday), I simply cannot get anything from SqueezeNetwork. I connect as the SB2 tells me, but I get absolutely nothing. If I got through SlimServer I get the station just fine. Trying to connect through SqueezeNetwork gives me silence.


Running Win XP, all latest upgrades, SlimServer 6.2.0, wireless SB2. No upgrades to Win XP in the last few days.

2005-11-01, 22:10
Me too. I second that.

Dan Sully
2005-11-01, 22:23
* Darren shaped the electrons to say...

>Me too. I second that.

I rolled out a new version - but it doesn't look like everything is working.

Will roll back shortly.

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