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Craig, James (IT)
2005-02-09, 02:58
I'm quite happy with the client 'now playing' display, because it does
actually use the format I specified and nothing else.

Why can't the Web UI use the specified format as well? It's currently
very inconsistent - in the default skin the playlist (bottom right) is
correctly formatted, but the 'browser' (left hand frame) and 'now
playing' (top right) are both wrong.
In Fishbone the 'now playing' correct is but the browser is still wrong.

As I pointed out v6.0 looks even worse in this respect, not stripping
the 'no album' string when not required.
I also notice that on 5.4 some tracks work better than others for
example I get
Substance - Dot Allison
Temptation - Kid 606 -
Now, why the extra dash on the 2nd track? I can see no difference in
their blank album tags!

Sounds really petty eh? This is probably my biggest SlimServer complaint
now, everything else works so well!


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Quoting "Thomas B. Malsbury" <slim (AT) malsbury (DOT) net>:

> If you would like to file a feature request to have the "Now Playing"
> info display be customizable, I would gladly file a +1 to it.

it is already customisable. In playerUI from player settings or the
MusicInfo screensaver from Michael Herger. In the webUI, the now playing
section is completely customisable via a custom skin.


2005-02-09, 03:09
Quoting "Craig, James (IT)" <James.Craig (AT) morganstanley (DOT) com>:

> In Fishbone the 'now playing' correct is but the browser is still wrong.

This looks fine to me, but I'm using simply TITLE as the web titleformat. Can
you describe how it is wrong and what titleformat you have set for web? The
Fishbone skin will require a lot of rewrite for 6.0 as many of the template
objects are changing, so I'll try to do some format fixing along the way if I