View Full Version : Dead Slimp3

2005-11-01, 04:38

I'm the proud owner of a "original" Slimp3 (the 2nd version which came with a case).

Since last week it started to behave strangely:
-while playing music, the display started to show erratic characters
-I had to power-cycle 3 times in a 2h music listening session
-I had to re-enter the parameters 3 times (the IPs where slightly different: instead of

It is connected using a wireless bridge, I also tried different cables, but the symptoms remains.

And last night, while playing music it stopped, and the display went black.
I removed the plug, pluggged it back, nothing happened.
1 hour later, instead of the "Initializing..." - "free your music..." message it displayed garbled characters. Power-cycled it, same strange characters....

When I tried to enter the firmware upgrade mode it displayed "03x" and nothing else...

I've read in the forum that It might need another microcontroller.
-Is it possible to order on from slimdevices (I know that the slimp3 is quite old and might not be supported anymore)?
-If I have access to a PIC programer, where can I get the firmware ? (I found this: http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/firmware/2.3/ but I don't know if the bootloader is also present)
-Does any PIC16F877 fits the Slimp3?
-Is there a way to prevent this to happen again?

I know that a I should buy a SqueezeBox, but I do like the Slimp3 old school look.