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2005-10-30, 15:16
Hi All,

I've been using the Slimp3 since early 2003 and recently installed a wireless Squeezebox2 as well.

I've enjoyed these products, but there is one issue that has always bothered me.

I want to speed up the interface reaction speed on these devices. Badly. Feature-wise, everything is great, but sometimes the lag time just kills me (on both devices).

For example, I walk into the room and want to play something quickly -- I hit a button on the remote and there is a wait time for anything to change. I want this thing to be nearly as responsive as the ipod -- just hit a button and immediately see the result. Is this unrealistic?

Perhaps at least the interface should show a "working..." icon or text, so I don't have the "has it crashed?" moment of fright.

What tweaks can I make to my system to make things work much more snappy? Server configuration settings changes? I already disabled album artwork. Should I turn off plug-ins?

This is just for the devices, I am not using the web interface.

General comments are fine, but here is my particular configuration, FYI:

I am running SlimServer 6.2 off of a 1GHz iMac G4 (OSX 10.4.2) with 768 MB RAM. My music collection is about 60GB on an external firewire drive. I have an AirportExtreme wireless basestation and a local wired network via Linksys ethernet hub.


Patrick Dixon
2005-10-31, 01:59
see http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2081

2005-10-31, 11:00
Thank you for the post. For the benefit of anyone else reading this, I will summarize the link above (or at least what I think it means).

The link above is to a bug report which addresses the need for a "hey, I'm busy with your command, don't worry" UI feedback on the device. It seems that the solution is not yet available, but at least it is a known issue (and not just my own problem).

If anyone else has general speed tweaks, I would be happy to hear them.


2005-11-01, 02:06
If you are running 6.2 you could try the fixes detailed by meyergru in this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=17395&page=1&pp=10
Page 3 if you have default forum listing, but worth reading it all.
However, I think 6.2.1 is due out any day (it may even be out, but if so it's not on the download page as default download) and might well address the problem highlighted by meyergru.