View Full Version : How you can help with SlimServer!

Dan Sully
2005-10-30, 13:06
All - while SlimServer is backed by Slim Devices, it is very much fueled by
community support & participation. Here are some areas where you can help:

* Documentation:

- User-centric:

+ I've started to update the Wiki with some more information on
Unicode & Replay Gain functionality. This needs to be fleshed out, and
possibly included in the SlimServer online help.

+ Any new feature or behavior or logic change needs to be documented.

+ List of common How-Tos/Guides: "How to be a beta tester", "How to report a bug".

+ Tagging recommendations & supported tags.

- Developer-centric:

+ Document the major components of SlimServer - database, web, cli, player, buttons, etc.

+ New developer - getting up to speed documentation, short perl intro.

+ Code style guide.

* Automated Test Framework:

+ A very, very basic regression framework has been checked in - this needs a _LOT_ of work.

svn co http://svn.slimdevices.com/repos/slim/trunk/tests

ViewCVS: http://svn.slimdevices.com/trunk/tests

+ Automate the spawning of SlimServer with a portable set of config
files depending on the test, so that automated testing via the Web UI & CLI
can be done. See WWW::Mechanize in CPAN for some thoughts on remote web testing.

* Skin CSS Support:

+ I'll be checking in a basic CSS-ified Default skin that removes the
usage of all/most of the images in the web UI. I am by no means a CSS wizard.
Someone who is can definitely shape things up quickly.

* Everything else:

+ There are a lot of things that aren't on this list, that are in the
software roadmap need to be worked on. This ranges from architecture
discussion to working on the release code to automatically install and start
MySQL, etc.


Please - don't be afraid to ask questions. Myself & kdf* can be cranky from
time-to-time, but we really just want all this to work properly for everyone.

* - kdf is _still_ not a Slim Devices employee. :)

"You can usually recover from production flaws...but you can never recover from a bad design".