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2005-10-30, 06:47
I recently bought a desktop and am going through the installation procecess for slimserver. I've previously run off of a laptop without any problem (though never 6.2). I also have purchased a new Linksys WRT54GX wireless router.

I have installed Slimserver 6.2 on my machine but am not able to get the userinterface working. When I run the application (from the desktop icon, or from starting it through the System Tray) I receive a balloon popup from the system tray saying that Slimserver is Starting. And it appears to never stop starting.

In my web browser (IE or Firefox, same issue with both) if i try to open the UI manually by going to IP localhost:9000 or directly from I get the error: The connection was refused when trying to connect to localhost:9000.

I am running Windows Security Center as well as McAfee Security though when i disable both firewall the problem persists.

I have read some posts about chaning the keyboard.enabled flat in about file for firefox users but this has no effect.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on my problem, I've never had it in past but am far from a network expert.


2005-10-30, 08:45
The slimserver service did not get started. This problem has ocurred to many.

See this thread: