View Full Version : Maxtor Shared Storage + and SB3

2005-10-30, 03:15

Can anybody advise whether the SB3 and the Maxtor Shared Storage Plus will be able to work together?

If not, will it ever or are there any hacks about that can make this happen. I'm looking to purchase a SB3 but if it wont work then I need to look for a UPnP certified DMA (whatever one of those is!!?)

Any suggestions for UPnp DMAs gratefully recieved


2005-10-30, 06:32
If the maxtor device requires a UPnP device (sorry I don't know anything about it) then your answer is, no. The Squeezebox units all require the server software to be installed, and can't "talk" UPnP. This is _not_ a bad thing IMHO. I don't think we will see Slim go the UPnP route - but their policy is not to comment on future hardware revisions (if I'm right in thinking a new hardware version would be required?!).


2005-10-31, 04:44
Forgive me but, I think they should make their product UPnP ASAP :) They have made the design look awesome and one of the few tech items you want to have in your front room, yet the backend is still geek chic. ;)

There are increasing numbers of forum questions about making the SBs work in a way that is almost standalone, and there are now numerous NAS box solutions appearing that are cheap enough for the home uses.

Seems the logic step to me, even if its very basic and can only select files from one directory or something, without any searching ability etc..

Would be enough for me!