View Full Version : lost playlists with SlimServer 6.2

2005-10-30, 02:23
Since I upgraded to new slimserver the playlists have gone missing.
I had to re-enter the path and did rescan but still nothing shows under browse playlists.

I am running windows XP.

2005-10-30, 15:57
Same problem here (but running SlimServer on Win2K).
Any playlists that were previously created in Slimserver do not appear. Oddly, several that I had created in Windoze Media Player - .wpl files - DO show up.
It's just the .m3u ones that are missing.

2005-11-03, 00:36
I, and it seems many others, have the same problem. Is this a bug in the 6.2 version or was something changed requiring editing of the playlists or other settings?