View Full Version : Squeezebox2 stalls in mid-song, how do I debug it?

2005-10-29, 11:27
I just got a Squeezebox2 about two weeks ago and I run Slimserver 6.2 on an old Windows 2000 box that is somewhat wimpy. Once or twice a day, the Squeezebox will stop in mid-song. It says it is "playing" but the play time does not advance. I am guessing that the Squeezebox has used up everything in its buffer and is waiting for the server.

When I do this, I can usually do "Fwd" and pick up at the next song, or "Rew" to restart the current song. (Which I suspect flushes the stream buffer and forces it to fetch new stuff.)

Any idea what are good debug settings for analyzing this? I suspect that the server has gone stupid or there are network problems, but I don't have any evidence. When I check the wireless connection, it's at 99%.

The server is 802.11b; the Squeezebox2 and my router are 802.11g. I am not sure whether that is a problem. I may make a wired connection to compare. (My goal was to avoid spending any more money on that old computer, so I didn't upgrade the wireless card.)

The server seldom runs anything but Slimserver. When I use iTunes to scan in new discs, I connect the Squeezebox to Squeezenetwork, bypassing my own server, because my own server becomes useless while scanning discs (iTunes uses 99% of the CPU capacity while scanning, and starves Slimserver).