View Full Version : Play iTunes library without running iTunes?

2005-10-29, 10:13
I've been told--and this web site seems to indicate--that it's possible to play an iTunes library via a Squeezebox without having iTunes running. I would presume that this could work by pointing the Squeezebox at the XML library file iTunes generates.

Is this how this works? Is it possible to point it towards more than one XML file (if you have multiple iTunes servers?) Is it possible to point to multiple XML files at once and access a "consolidated" version of your music libraries?

Thanks very much.

2005-10-29, 10:44
Yes, that's exactly how it works!
But it doesn't support more than one iTunes library.

You can consolidate two libraries by using links to all the music files/directories in a common directory and using the normal music scan there.
You just can't get playlists from 2 iTunes libraries.


2005-10-31, 22:31
So if I understand you, I point the Squeezebox to one iTunes database, and that's the one it's going to play from. (I presume I can change it, but I also presume that it's not easy and convenient to do so with the remote.)

Is this "iTunes database" functionality available with the Squeezebox 2? Are there any features that the Squeezebox 3 has that the 2 doesn't (besides 3's improved appearance?)


2005-11-01, 01:35
No, not possible to change libraries from the remote.
Possibly you could run 2 SlimServers, one for each iTunes library and change between them with the remote but you'd lose your current playlist etc on doing so.
You might be able to have 1 iTunes library as well as music held elsewhere - so all your music but only 1 set of iTunes playlists.

All these sorts of features are provided by the SlimServer software, which is the same regardless of Squeezebox version.

SB2 is the same as SB3 inside the case. No external arials and a slightly better power supply.