View Full Version : sound glitch on pause (SS 6.2)

Steven Moore
2005-10-29, 06:34
This may have been present on previous versions of slim server but I think I would have noticed it.
Has anyone else noticed when pausing a song just after you press the remote button there is a split second of silence then immediately there is a sound for a split second. It seems like the SB is playing a little bit more of the song. After this there is silence. At high volumes this sounds bad.
Obviously the ideal function would be immediate silence.
If anyone else can confirm it I can file a bug report.

SB 1, ss 6.2, mac os 10.4.2. mp3's

2005-10-29, 06:42
Yes, I just notice that this morning. I thought that the SB2 had picked up 2 pause commands and it was once off behaviour, but it is repeatable.

There's a split second glitch

Steven Moore
2005-10-29, 09:47
Added as bug No 2422.


Steven Moore