View Full Version : CPU utilization high for internet radio?

Talley, Brooks
2005-10-28, 19:12
Hi, everyone.

Ever since upgrading to 6.2, I'm seeing really high CPU utilization when
playing shoutcast radio streams. It happens on every stream that I've
tested, all of them either 128kbps or 192kbps. This is no transcoding,
just serving to a softsqueeze. The machine is an Athlon64 4000+ with
4GB RAM, so it seems a little silly to be seeing 70%-90% CPU utilization
when playing basic streams.

I've confirmed that it's the slim.exe process, and the CPU only jumps up
when a stream is playing (getting the shoutcast list is fine, and after
stopping the softsqueeze, CPU utilization goes back to normal).

Any ideas?