View Full Version : Annoying behaviour using LAME VBR

2005-10-28, 17:38
I've made a bunch of MP3s using LAME.
I created them as VBR with quality 5 (i think) using ImToo audio converter. When I scan these into SlimServer, they show up as CBR with bitrate = 32k and a very long playtime.

The thing is, even Winamp shows this same bitrate until you hit play when it works out it is VBR and shows the correct time remaining.

My question is, am I using a dodgy copy of LAME? Do other people get a similar experience using VBR in LAME?

2005-10-28, 18:03
No problems here using lame 3.90.3 --alt-preset standard or 3.97b1 -V 2 --vbr-new.