View Full Version : Slimserver 6.2 - more strange behaviour

2005-10-28, 04:13
On my initial attempt to install 6.2 the installer couldn't delete the old slimserver.exe. After a manual delete of the .exe all was OK with the install but the 'starting slimserver runs forever' problem reported by others then happened. A total deinstall of all slimserver followed by reboot / reinstall brought everything to a working state, the SB2 was updated also in this process.

All OK for a couple of days with one quirk - I notice that where previously under 6.1 the volume control was inactive (I use the optical connect)it's now active and, even stranger, my SKY+ remote drives the volume control on the SB2.

Then followed some auto updates, AV stuff etc so I had a forced reboot. Since reboot 6.2 does the following 'starting / started / stopped' all this takes about 20 seconds and if I try again it's the same result.

I've now gone back to 6.1 and working OK - and SKY+ remote doesn't drive the SB2 any longer.

Think I'll wait till 6.5 is released before upgrading again (then I'll use 6.2.n).