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2005-10-27, 15:20
The Olive Musica...

Nice write-up in the NY Times. Sounds a lot like what squeezebox/slimserver do without all the "diy, hands-on" work -- simply plug-in and enjoy. Sounds promising and its feature set greatly compliments all the ideas and hard work that's gone into the Slim Devices stuff. Of course it's more expensive -- but that's what you get with Plug and Play.

Here's the NY Times article:

Here's the manufacturers site:

Any thoughts out there??


2005-10-27, 16:04
Hmm, if the device itself is as stupid and as slow as the company website, I'll pass.

Seriously, though, I think the SB is still kind of a fringe device, but the tradeoff is that it's way cheap compared to this type of device. Impressive list of features on the Olive machine, but for that kind of money, folks on this list would want it to be hackable to the point of turning it into a robotic floor sweeper _and_ sexual aid. - Pat

2005-10-27, 16:46
Here's yet another "high-end" server, with even more bells and whistles, price yet to be announced...

Streaming media is clearly the future, and it'll be interesting to watch things evolve. Slimdevices, offering tremendous value, plus outstanding customer service, will hopefully survive the looming marketplace battle.

2005-10-27, 17:32

The VRS is $9500 to $15000 for a typical configuration.

Also comes with "Seagate Barracuda or Samsung Spinpoint Silent Drives, 80 and 160, 400 MB" Yes, it says MB on the website. Hey, this can store a whole CD in FLAC format!

2005-10-27, 21:21
> The Olive Musica...

....seems to be a relabled Hifidelio:

These have been on the market for quite a while. If I remember right
there's even been a hack to install slimserver on this device to feed
squeezeboxen around the house.

It doesn't do everything SB does. Most obvious is the rather small screen
- barely readable at a distance of a few meters. I recently read a test
where they weren't too excited about the quality.

But it does one thing SB does not: include the server. But afaik it's a
blackbox: copy your files to the machine and you'll never see them again
except on that little display. (Sure, there's another hack for this
problem). Even the backup solution they offer is a black box: an external
hd with a huge, encrypted file.



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2005-10-27, 22:22

You're Correct.



2005-10-27, 23:30
> You're Correct.

Except that the reviewer was very happy with the sound quality (for the
80GB 2.5" hd version only - the 160GB 3.5" hd added some noise).



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