View Full Version : Ordering SB3 in germany

2005-10-27, 14:31
today the sb3 appeared at the local reseller-webshops, but the price is a shame! Me and a friend wanted to buy 2 or 3 , but the price overhere is approx. 800$ for 2 devices. The resellers cannot give promo rebate :-(
We would like to buy overhere, because of warranty reasons. Should we consider to buy another product (not better, but much cheaper), or is there a chance, that slimdevices give their resellers the same fair conditions, they offer for direct selling?

2005-11-10, 08:01

looks like they wont sell the box in Germany with the US promo :-(

There is demand, but the price is very high ....
For two of them i have to pay about 770 USD in Germany, in the US about 500 ....

Sorry for that, hope one day you will change your mind and offer customers outside the US some kind of promo ....



at the moment: no Sqeezebox, more CDs ...

2005-11-10, 13:18
I'm reasonably sure that for us (I mean European customers) is quite better to buy directly from Slimdevices. I have bought my first SB1 last year and now with a friend (member get member ;-))I have ordered two with the promo rebate. Also considering the customs fee the price is lower than from an European distributor (also because here in Italy there aren't).
Right for warranty, but I hope that with no mechanic part in movement the probabily of fault is lowest.
Ciao, Riccardo