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2005-10-27, 07:42
Is it possible to stream an mp3 file from the slimserver to a Sony PSP?



2005-10-27, 07:52
If you mean download a file, yes. If you mean stream and playback in real-time, no.

I did try running Softsqueeze on the PSP, but the built in browser does not support Java.

2005-10-27, 07:58
Can you use the PSP Web Browser to select the artist/album/file(s) you want to download before playback. When you download these files... where do they go - onto the memory stick?



2005-10-27, 12:51
On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 07:42 -0700, kkitts wrote:
> Is it possible to stream an mp3 file from the slimserver to a Sony PSP?

If the PSP includes a media player that allows connection to an
MP3 stream over the internet, then in principle, yes.

I am doing exactly this using a Dell WiFi PDA (GSPlayer as the music
player). You can then use the internet browser on your PSP/PDA
to control what you're listening to.

Don't have a PSP, so I haven't tried it, but if the music player
software is available it should be possible.

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2005-10-27, 13:44
I do have a PSP and the browser in the firmware will not allow you to stream music to the built in music player. It does not have support for any streaming protocols that I'm aware of.

What you can do is use the browser to open the Slimserver Wed UI, select Browse Artist (for e.g.), pick an artist and click on 1 of their songs. The Web UI will display information for that track including a location on your server with a Download URL.

You can click on this and download the track to your PSP, if you have sufficient space on a memory stick. But you must do 2 things
1) Give the file a name ending in .mp3 - the default filename in the download dialog is "download"
2) Change the default directory from /PSP/COMMON to /PSP/MUSIC

You can then exit the browser and play this file from the music option in the PSP's X-bar.