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2005-10-27, 06:24
Hi, I am considering purchasing a number of Squeezeboxes for around the home and as an experiment to see how well it works I've ripped the entire collection to WMA lossless, downloaded Slimserver 6.2 and a copy of Softsqueeze. I'm running the SS on a 2.2ghz P4 with 1GB RAM.
When I play any track from my library from our second machine (which is more powerful than the server machine) using WMP10, playback is very near instantaneous as is any track browsing by album, artist, genre etc.

However, when I now try to use the Slimserver coupled with Softsqueeze 2.0 and the web interface (again from the second machine) , its a differnent kettle of fish entirely.
When I click on a track or album to play it, Softsqueeze takes around 25 seconds before it actually starts playing. The same delay also occurs when I skip to the next track in the playlist and when I do any sort of search using the Softsqueeze software remote.

My question is, does this sound like I have a problem or is this behaviour just something that one should expect from using Softsqueeze?

Will I see a vast improvement (the same sort of instantaneous playback I get with WMP10) once I swap Softsqueeze for a Squeezebox?


Craig, James (IT)
2005-10-27, 06:47
This is not normal!

Have you tried with any other file types?

I think that WMA Lossless with Softsqueeze might be a bit of a grey area
at the moment.


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2005-10-27, 07:19
I had this problem once with one of my computers, it would take about that long to start playing and also to change tracks. This was with MP3's. It went away when I updated to the latest 6.2 and the latest softsqueeze.

No it is definetly not normal, you will see a whole world of difference with an actual squeezebox.

2005-10-27, 08:40
Thanks for the replies.
It seems to happen with MP3 also.