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Mick Trusler
2005-10-27, 05:35
Had a look but could not see the following problem that I'm getting. Just installed 6.2 and generally fine but if I Browse Artists and look at Various Artists it is only picking up 1 whereas I have loads which I can see when I Browse Music Folder.

Any ideas?


Mick Trusler
2005-10-27, 08:46
More oddness.

The previous problem was based on my browsing my original SB1. When using the web interface Browse Artists / Various Artists, this shows the correct albums (approx 50) but says "1 album with 3 songs by 3 artists"? This is indicating only the tracks that I'm seeing on the SB1. If I browse Browse Artists via SB1 for a specific artist it shows the correct tracks and again if I do this via the web browser it is again correct and also says the correct "x albums with x songs by 1 artist". Have I got a setting wrong on the server under Behaviour?

Also, just noticed that the 1 album that the SB1 is picking up is actually at the wrong directory level and should not be found at all i.e. Server has Music Folder set to D:\Slimp3 and Playlist set to D: but the album that the SB1 is picking up is actually below D:\Temp.

Does any of this make any sense?



Mick Trusler
2005-10-29, 08:18
No longer a problem. Had a system crash and had to reload op sys and slimserver and now all ok.

2005-10-30, 04:45
You are lucky Mick. I can see NONE of my Various Artist albums when browsing Artists with the remote, but all albums show up when using the web browser.

Just when I thought everything was working fine with version 6.2.