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Reckase, Erik Nathan
2003-12-04, 09:53

check slim/server/CPAN/Audio/FLAC.pm. That module will eventually be in
CPAN, but isn't yet - that's how it will be named once it's put into CPAN.
My understanding is that the Slim tree has a local copy of the CPAN modules
that are used in the server code. Now that I've seen
Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl.pm, I might model my info/tag modules for
MPC/APE/Wavepack on that same model...and perhaps we should do the same with
the FLAC tag/info parser.


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-> Dan,
-> Forgot to ask you in my last email...
-> When you say "I recently checked in Audio::FLAC to the
-> SlimServer CPAN
-> tree" do you mean in CVS (since I don't see it there)? Or is there a
-> CPAN mirror that slimdevices hosts that I need to pull the
-> module from?
-> Victor
-> Dan Sully wrote:
-> > * Victor Brilon <victor (AT) victorland (DOT) com> shaped the
-> electrons to say...
-> >
-> >
-> >>I had a great suggestion from Robert Thompson to modify my
-> album cover
-> >>script to also work on Ogg and FLAC files.
-> >>
-> >>Is anyone here familiar with how those formats store tags?
-> Is there more
-> >>than one way to store tags w/them or is there only one
-> (like id3 on MP3s)?
-> >>
-> >>Any info would be appreciated.
-> >
-> >
-> > I recently checked in Audio::FLAC to the SlimServer CPAN
-> tree (it will soon make it's way to CPAN itself).
-> >
-> > For Ogg, check out Ogg::Vorbis::Header and
-> Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl
-> >
-> > -D