View Full Version : 6.2 can't read some MP3s?

2005-10-27, 01:31
I've got an old SliMP3 - thinking about getting an SB3 for another room.

Recently I installed SlimServer 6.2, some MP3s in my collection don't show up, that worked fine under 5.4.

Doesn't show up under "Browse Music Folder" either, and I read somewhere that this uses filenames only (in 6.2) and doesn't read tags at all! And in the SlimServer http interface the folder shows up as empty.

I've always used the same ID3 tagging software for all my MP3s, "ID3-TagIt v3.2.1". I always dump ID3v1 tags and use ID3v2.3 tags.

Has anyone seen this, or a resolution to it?

Will post as a bug if no-one knows what this issue is.