View Full Version : better wireless network remote, PDA/PPC or Sony PSP?

2005-10-26, 16:48
I am looking to get the Squeezebox 3 but want to be able to control my song selection with a handheld throught the house. I currenlty do not have a PDA Hanheld or PSP and was wondering which you would recommend. I am looking for reliability and ease of use. What are you guys using and what works well?


2005-10-26, 17:07
I have both, and they have pros and cons. The PSP screen is better than most PDAs, and I prefer the landscape format for browsing web pages. The browser itself is also pretty solid and well featured. However, a touch screen such as on a PDA certainly makes things easier to use.

2005-10-26, 17:17
Thanks Radish - so which one do you find yourself using the most? How far from your Squeezebox can you be and still get connection?

2005-10-26, 19:09
To be honest I don't use either for controlling the SB very much, I usually use the normal remote. If I had to pick one, probably the PDA, just because of the stylus control.

How far from your Squeezebox can you be and still get connection?
Distance from the SB is unimportant - it's network signal strength which is determined by distance from the base station. I can go anywhere in my apartment just fine.

2005-10-26, 21:23
I have just gotten hold of the latest Palm PDA, the TX, in which Palm have finally delivered built-in wi-fi and I have to say it does a tremendous job of providing a rich remote interface for the SB. Screen is large, bright and high res and works well with the slimserver handheld skin. But the best thing is the way in which the TX handles the wi-fi part. It finds and connects to networks very quickly and has well-managed power saving features which shut off the wireless after a period of inactivity. By setting the slimserver page as my home page I can pick up the Palm, hit the appropriate shortcut button and be connected to SS in a few seconds with all of the advantages of the fully detailed interface in my hand.

The only slight issue I would mention is that as far as I can tell (although not a lot of experimentation yet) it needs to be able to see your SSID to connect. Whereas I was previoulsy running with my wireless router's SSID broadcasting turned off I now have it turned on to enable the TX to connect.

Not the cheapest remote control but you do also get a free PDA (inlcuding so-so MP3 player) thrown in with it.


2005-10-27, 01:34
I have a PSP and a Dell Axim X3. I would say that's it's easier to navigate using the PDA. The PSP's analogue "nub" is a bit imprecise.

In terms of connecting to the Wireless network, the PSP was a doddle, took <5 mins to configure. Pity it's only 802.11b though.

Both are equally bad for data entry in general. On the PSP, you enter letters "mobile phone style" with multiple keypresses required to get certain letters although Sony have created useful shortcuts to help type in URL's when in the Web-browser.
The PDA requires prodding an on-screen keyboard and has none of these shortcuts.

I would also agree with a previous poster and say that you'll continue to use the remote for most actions.

BTW On PSP DVD rips of movies on memory sticks are cool but you have to buy a 1Gb stick. I only currently have Ridge-racer which is a nice version. I'm not sure how 'll do at anything that requires analogue control.

2005-10-27, 01:46
In terms of connecting to the Wireless network, the PSP was a doddle, took <5 mins to configure. Pity it's only 802.11b though.

I did try out my PSP, but everything else on my network is 802.11g, so it brought down the traffic speeds. It's a good demo of the capability to control the Server and the screen is fabulous, but I never use it anymore, just the standard remote. Why? Response times, lower WiFi speeds and too many key presses. I'd love something like the Sonus remote and be able to see album artwork, other tracks etc., but without all the baggage of an inferior amp I don't need.

Oh, the best game for the PSP right now is Burnout, superb graphics and great gameplay. It's a really well balanced game and very addictive. I have a couple of games and never use the analogue joystick - it's in the wrong place!


2005-10-27, 02:28
If you just want a web browsing remote have you thought about the Nokia 770? http://europe.nokia.com/nokia/0,1522,,00.html?orig=/770

For me the 800 x 480 touch screen and 802.11g are the big advantages. Knowing Nokia and being a dedicated web tablet it will probably have similar shortcuts for web browseing as the PSP.

I have a HP PDA and find it too slow to properly access the web interface especially compared to my laptop.

Telcanto does help but I find it annoying that it doesn't support the VGA screen of my PDA.

Not sure when it was supposed to be out, it does say Q3 2005 which has been and gone with no news.

Also not sure on price.

2005-10-27, 04:34
Oh I've been considering the 770 alright, just whenever Nokia considers releasing it...

2005-10-27, 04:42
Should be fairly soon, T3 have got hold of one and apparently some companies are taking orders.

Per the Nokia website for the UK they are saying 249 GBP available soon!

2005-10-27, 07:42
I'm waiting on the 770 as well. Latest information seems to indicate a
late November release date.