View Full Version : OT - On a distinguished road?

2005-10-26, 11:34
What the heck does this mean? where are we on a road to? has anybody reached the end yet?

I had never noticed this before today but there does seem like an awful lot of us are on this road, lets hope it goes somewhere nice!

Okay I have found the answer here http://forums.easyinternetsolutions.co.uk/showthread.php?p=4535#post4535 but now don't understand why we are all at the same 10-51 point level even people with their first post?

If you have no idea what I am talking about, there is a small green button under the number of posts which if you hover your mouse over says x is on a distinguished road.

Has this not been discussed before? I can't find any search reference to it.

And yes I am bored today, that's what happens when you are ill!

2005-10-26, 11:45
Its your reputation level. There's a justice scale icon that allows you to add to someone's reputation on the row immediately above that users's name in a post. There's also a Report Bad Post icon.