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2005-10-26, 04:24
i have used a slimbox2 with mac osx and cue files for cd length albums for some time.

everything was happy. now, i have switched / updated to the new 6.2+ version of slimserver, and there is a problem.

the server 'sees' these tracks and their cds, but it now says "problem: cant open file", for any song or track that is part of a cue file or album with merged tracks. these are external cue sheets, in the same folders as the flac's they control. the database of music has been refreshed and updated when the new slimserver was installed.

an example of a cue sheet is below. any help would be appreciated or if this is a bug of the new server.

cue example:

PERFORMER "Klaus Schulze"
TITLE "Another Green Mile"
FILE "Klaus Schulze - Another Green Mile.flac" WAVE
TITLE "Between Twilight and Dawn"
PERFORMER "Klaus Schulze"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "In the Streets, in the Rain"
PERFORMER "Klaus Schulze"
INDEX 01 13:20:39

etc... (rest of tracks within that cue)

Dan Sully
2005-10-26, 09:09
* Quantz shaped the electrons to say...

>an example of a cue sheet is below. any help would be appreciated or
>if this is a bug of the new server.

Can you please upload the full cue sheet to this bug?


As it sounds like the same issue.

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2006-02-22, 03:10
I have visited
but I do not know how to "Add value" to this bug report so that Browse Music Folders can see and play my CUE sheets married to FLACs.

What do I do?