View Full Version : Player will not load by 'Year'

2005-10-25, 17:40
I am a new user,[1 week]I have just upgraded to version 6.2.server software and run Squeezebox 2
The old version of the server had the ability to load tracks by there 'Year' tag. But the player could not do this. So I was pleased to see this option becoming available in 6.2.
However when I hit play on the squeezebox for a given 'Year',it loads the entire library, no matter what year I select. I have uninstalled all sofware end reinstalled, but still the same.
My files are mp3s, all consistantly tagged with
Title, Artist, Genre, Year and the Album tag is blank on all tracks. I notice with annoyance that this software seems to have a fixation on Albums.
Am I alone with this.
I would appreciate some comments on this issue.

2005-10-25, 18:04
It seems you've discovered a bug. I've filed bug report 2371:


This also occurs in the ExBrowse3 skin, but does not occur in the Default2 or Fishbone skins.

2005-10-26, 12:09
Selecttouch, this bug has now been fixed. If you want it, download and update to the 10-27 (or later) nightly build:


2005-10-26, 13:47
Just downloaded and tested, works fine. Thank you very much.