View Full Version : SlimAmp Please!

2005-10-25, 05:40
Cool new Squeezebox - now it has form aswell as function!

One request though, it is really crying out for a companion amplifier (prefereably class-T, based upon the chip from http://www.tripath.com/ ). The vision is that either there is a version of Squeezebox with the amp built-in, or the Squeezebox sits or "docks" onto the amplifier.

The amp need only be a straight power-amp (to keep costs down) with no gain control, as you can do that from the Squeezebox (probably need a firmware/software update to ensure that it can never turn-on at full volume...).

Thanks for a great product,

E.Salad (a loyal Squeezebox customer)

p.s. the T-Amp, based on the tripath chip, has been getting rave reviews all over the interweb.

p.p.s. once I get my new Squeezebox (as soon as they are available in the UK) I may try to self-integrate my old one with a built in Amp and let you know the results.