View Full Version : Not Displaying Correct Track Details

Kevin Weller
2005-10-23, 12:22
I'm not sure if this is a plug-on or SlimServer issue but here goes

I'm using 6.2b2, have SlimServer playing a random mix and a Squeezebox
2 synchronised with SoftSqueeze. It's currently playing a Genesis track
but the Squeezebox, SoftSqueeze and SlimServer are all telling me it's
playing a track by Camel.

When I look at the playlist in SlimServer it's nothing like the tracks
it is actually playing. I noticed while changing a few server settings
that the correct playlist did flash up on the web page momentarily but
it was then replaced by the incorrect one.

Do I have a poltergeist in my SlimServer?!


Kevin Weller
2005-10-23, 12:30
I guess I ought to have added it's been doing this for a while, it's
not just limited to that track.


Kevin Weller
2005-10-23, 13:10
Sorry, after sitting down and reading through the web site I came to
the conclusion it was a cache corruption issue - I should have done
that first.


Kevin Weller
2005-10-24, 02:19
There's definitely something strange going on here. Having rebuilt the
library the track list displayed by SlimServer is correct but the track
it thinks it is playing, and the track details displayed by
SoftSqueeze, are for the previous track not the current track.


2005-10-24, 18:38
I have seen the same behavior with 6.2b2; at some indeterminate point (apparently after clicking around the playlist), the Now Playing list is one song behind.
I have reported this as bug 2334 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2334)