View Full Version : Remote's "move to zapped" often fails

2005-10-23, 11:25
I'm playing my entire collection and zapping songs to build specific playlists.

More times than not, when I try to use the "+" key on the remote to move the Now Playing song to the zapped playlist, the song only gets removed from the list - as if I had pressed the "+" button but didn't hold it down. I tried fresh batteries, another slim remote (have 3 SBs), but no luck. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Finally I figured out a process that works 100% of the time. When I've decided that I want the currently-playing song on the zapped list, I press the "Play" button and immediately press and hold the "+" button.

I searched bugzilla but didn't see anything that seems to relate to this.

I'm running SlimServer Version: 6.1.2 - 4157 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
against an SB2.