View Full Version : No Album

James Dunn
2005-10-23, 10:53

Sorry if this is a know bug but I've been using 6.0.2 trunk for a while and
been fairl happy but thought it time to try an upgrade to 6.1 to see ho
things were and to try to get a performance improvement.

I tried SlimServer_6_1_x_v2005-10-23. Performance seems better but I'm
faced with most tracks being grouped under "No Album". 290 out of about 350
Albums were missing.

I might be wrong but the only common factor that I can see is in the file
names. I used to auto name the tracks from tags using a separator of " - "
(space dash space). Such tracks seem to fail being added to the database.
I've reverted to 6.0.2 and all is back to normal.

Sorry if this is a known bug.


James Dunn