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2005-10-23, 03:37
I run the server on a separate box running windows XP. Because I don't want the machine on at night I have setup a couple of batch files that switch the mode between hibernate and always on. I then use the scheduler to switch between these modes. If the squeeze box is switched on then the server does not hibernate. The only issue is that when a new version of the server is loaded you have to run a reboot otherwise the server will not hibernate.

You will need to build two power schemes in power options, one named hibernate_on (select say 10mins in the hibernate option) and one named hibernate_off (select never hibernates in teh hibernate option). The batch files will then switch between the power settings as per the scheduler.

I know that this is rather numpty method to switch the PC on and off but it works and you don't need to know anything about programming!

This is the batch used to turn hibernate on:

powercfg /s hibernate_on

This is the batch to switch the hibernate off:

powercfg /s hibernate_off