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2005-10-22, 04:38
I am connecting a Wireless SB2 to my wireless network. I have a Belkin54g router/modem, with 3 devices attached wirelessly using 64bit WEP encryption. However, I have tried reseting the router to factory settings, totally unprotected to encourage the SB2 to connect, but still with no joy.

The SB2 can see the network and I have 75-80% signal strength. Looking through the Settings, it had not been allocated an IP address, or Subnet mask, Gateway etc. However, I did get it to work by connecting the ethernet cable to the router directly. This prompted it to acquire an IP and gateway etc, but it's chosen the DNS server to be, the same as the router gateway. It did work whilst hardwired to the router, even gathering it's music source from the remote PC wirelessly and from the Internet. However, as soon as it was disconnected it was back to the origianl state, although it had retained the wired settings (IP etc).

So, it can see the network. It can see the computers on the network. I don't think they can see it (looking through the router's IE user interface) and it's not being assigned a dynamic IP.


{WinXP SP2}
{NAV 2005}

2005-10-22, 10:01
SSIDs are the same, and same case?

2005-10-22, 10:33
SSIDs are the same, and same case?
Yes, although I have not had to input them. It is a unique name, so I'm not linked to my neighbours network and the rest of the net work is working fine (possibly a bit slow with a few lags, but can't be sure this is due to the SB2)

FURTHER DETAILS: With the SB2 wired in to the router, I have managed to get it to identify my Laptop, and play music from it, but when I give it the IP address for my desktop, it fails to connect. I have just noticed that Slimserver will not start on my main PC. The icon dialogue only ever says 'Slimserver Starting...'. I have tried a reinstall.

Although I had the SB2 playing music from my laptop, please remember I am trying to get the SB2 to work without being hardwired to my router, if you have any suggestions there?

At a total loss here. Hope I haven't just blown 180!

2005-10-23, 14:07
This may not help you directly, but take heart. I too recently got an SB2 and laboured away to get it to recognise my wireless network (running on a Belkin 54g wireless modem/router, same as you) and have finally got the thing working. The bad news is that I can't really tell you what exactly I did to get it to work. I was having terrible trouble getting the SB2 to connect to the wireless network - and ended up trying to set IP addresses rather than have them assigned by DHCP... This solved some problems but caused others. In my frustration I rolled back my Windows XP to an earlier backup I had made pre-tweaking, reinstated DHCP and BINGO the SB2 finally recognised the network and linked up to my Slimserver.

So I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly what I did, but I can reassure you that I've got my SB2 working with my Belkin router. Please feel free to get in touch and I'll try to pass on info about my settings (as best I can).


2005-10-23, 19:38
Too many changes to track here! :-)

For your wireless setup, try Shared WEP keys (vs. Open).

For your PC where slimserver stops or fails to start, check your Event Log in Windows for slim messages.

2005-10-24, 06:00
Please feel free to get in touch

Please email me on 'mob_shop@btinternet.com'
If I could list all my Belkin settings, perhaps you could cast an eye over them and tell me how they compare with yours?

When I get home I'm going to go through the steps you did, in the hope I can stumble across the jackpot too.