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2005-10-21, 13:21
Hi all,

I am using the latest beta release of 6.2 with a SB2, Windows XP SP2 (firewalls turned off). I can connect and play music no problems when using a wireless connection to the network for the SB2.

BUT.... When using a wired connection, I can connect to the network OK (DHCP IP address assigned, shows up as connected in Netgear wireless router admin screens). However, I cannot connect to the slimserver (no settings changed on server PC). I know the SB2 is on the network OK as I can connect to Squeezenetwork fine when its wired in.

Another strange bit of behaviour.... When I switch from wireless to a wired connection, the web interface of the slimserver still thinks that the SB2 is connected. I can use the various play/pause buttons, cue up music etc etc without error. However, nothing happens on the SB2 until I go back to wireless and connect, then all the commands are executed !

Any thoughts ?? Same thing has happened with every version of slimserver that I have used - release versions & nightly builds.

I am happy with wireless for the time being, but will want to go wired when I move house and rig a network....

2005-10-21, 13:35
Hmmm... just ran through the 'connect by ethernet' setup again and it has connected this time....
Strange. Is this a known bug ??

2005-10-23, 02:43
scrap that - its doing it again. Any thoughts ?

2005-10-23, 09:23
Have you enabled Bridged mode? I ask, because I have discovered a bug in Bridge mode, which may also be affecting you.

If you are going to use the Ethernet connection, you might want to try it entirely without the wireless setup. To eliminate your router from blocking MAC addresses, you should restart your router, and then reconfigure your SB2 for wired only.

See if this helps.

2005-10-23, 12:00
Thanks for the reply. But sorry - no luck. Bridging it turned off, and no blocking on the router.....

2005-10-23, 19:22
Your router also acts as a switch. It may block (reject) packets when there are MAC address conflicts or issues. An example is seeing the same MAC address on two interfaces, such as an Ethernet interface and the wireless interface at the same time. This is why I suggested restarting your router, and then restarting SB in Ethernet mode.

2005-10-24, 11:47
Cheers for the tip. I tried to connect via ethernet and it failed. Rebooted the router and it reconnected no problem. Lets just hope its not a false dawn like last time....