View Full Version : Album in M4A skipping whole tracks

2005-10-21, 11:17
I have a couple of albums in M4A format. Which if I start to play will for example skip the 1st 3 tracks and jump straight to the 4th one.

The server can read all the properties of the file but wont play it.

I am running the lastest 6.2beta2 build and had the same problem with a 6.12 build as well. I have an original slimp3 with FW2.3 and my server is running on XP SP2.

The files all play fine on my iPod or in iTunes.

2005-10-22, 04:48
OK I worked it out it seems to be a file length issue.

For example I like to tag my files as:-

Artist-Album-Track No-Track Title.

On VA compilations it results in file names like this:-


Which gets skipped, so if I rename to Track No-Track Title they work fine.

Is this a limitation of mov123.exe or is it fixable?