View Full Version : Great Idea (if I do say so myself)

2005-10-21, 11:15
I really find it frustrating when I just want to listen to a few new tracks of music right NOW. Download a twenty second demo clip of music and want to listen to it through the Squeezebox? Royal pain in the butt.

This has been added to bugzilla as a future enhancement request. Please vote.


SlimServer's need (requirement) for first having to scan music file in order to play them is sometimes a large obstacle to convenience. Playing music that you don't want added to the library is impossible. Playing music outside of the Music folder is awkward and time-consuming.

Browse Music Folder is a partial-solution to this problem. The biggest problem is that BMF will add the music to your library and you're left having to remove the music from the library afterwards. My suggestion is to be able to designate one or more (preferably more than one) location for temporary music folders. A user could then dump a file or files into the temp folder for immediate listening. Or they might designate a removable drive location. A browse mode of 'Browse Removable Music' could be created and use BMF-type browsing and logic, except it would put the metadata into a temporary table separate from the main library. It would be unnecessary to make the metadata searchable, so the structure of the temporary data would be simpler and the scanning/cataloging process quicker than with BMF. Alternately, scanning of metadata might only be done immediately before playback and then no metadata needs to be save.