View Full Version : Considering an SB2... Some questions

2005-10-21, 04:00
Hi Guys, I am pretty certain I will get an SB2 over the next couple of months so I have a few questions before I do. I understand that ogg is not supported directly by the player firmware (yet). Does anyone know if this is planned and if so what is the timescale? I have looked around the forums and voted for the relevant Bugzilla entry. I currently have around 300 CDs in ogg format, all painstakingly ripped, tagged & replay-gained. I am starting to re-rip in Flac now, but disk space constraints won't allow me to do all of them yet. How are ogg files handled now with regard to replay gain and other tags? Are the tags preserved by the transcoding on the server? Server will be running on Linux (FC4 or Centos). Any help/input appreciated.

2005-10-21, 06:46
One thought (apologies if you've already considered it) is that the current SB2 discounts are close to the price of a 120 GB hard drive. Based on my own collection, that would easily hold all 300 CDs in FLAC format.

2005-10-21, 06:56
Indeed, yes. I have considered more storage as the best solution. Unfortunately the box into which the disk(s) must go uses SCSI, which suggests a large SCSI disk and those beasts are scary prices. No matter, I'll just re-arrange the partitions to get as much as space as possible for music. I should be able to free up one disk (73Gb) which will help. Of course, I still need to maintain the ogg collection anyway for my work laptop.

Firmware ogg support is on the to-do list though, right?

2005-10-21, 07:16
I don't know where (or whether) ogg firmware support list is on the priority list; your guess/forum search would be as good as mine. In answer to one of your earlier questions, I don't think SB2 will be able to apply replaygain on ogg files unless/until firmware ogg support is implemented.

Might USB or Firewire be an option, he sheepishly asked? Also, I just did a search and saw purported SCSI interface to IDE drive adapters starting at $45.