View Full Version : Most podcasts play, but not this one

2005-10-20, 21:37
Greetings All:

First of all, if I've posted in the incorrect area of the forums, please forgive me.

I've just started playing around with receiving podcasts
Up the down stair - http://www.upthedownstair.net/rss/feed.xml works just fine as does
tWiT - http://leo.am/podcasts/twit
DiggNation - http://revision3.com/diggnation/feed/high.mp3.xml.
But for some reason when I try to listen to
Changesurfer Radio - http://www.radio4all.net/podcast.php/Changesurfer_Radio.xml?series=Changesurfer%20Radio
Slimserver hangs.

If I hit play from the podcast main title screen, the Squeezebox display keeps flashing "Connecting to Play" but never actually starts playing.
If I hit play from the list of indivudual podcasts, the Squeezebox display briefly flashes "Connecting to Play", reverts back to the title of the podcast, and then nothing.

I've looked at the XML files and it seems to be formatted correctly. I can't see anyting that would cause this. The links to the individual MP3 files play just fine in Winamp.

I'm using SlimServer 6.1.1, Squeezebox 1.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

2005-10-20, 21:44
6.2b2 is now available. Please try that and let us know if that works


2005-10-21, 10:54
Thanks! I'll install it and let you know what happens.

2005-10-23, 13:59
I installed the beta, but had to uninstall. It wouldn't start, it wouldn't initialize. I'll wait.