View Full Version : problems after windows reinstall

2005-10-20, 20:13
I am running XP home, no sp2 anymore on my computer....slimserver used to work flawlessly, never any problems until I got a virus and ended up reinstalling windows and at the same time I updated to slimserver 6.1. After the reinstall I was able to connect with both of my slimserver 1's. When I attempt to play a song in a list of songs it just runs through the songs one after the other without any sound continuosly every second or so moving to the next song. I've also tried slimserver 5.4 which I still had on the computer with the same results. I haven't done anything to the music with is all in m4a, and not copy protected. I've captured a log with some info but not sure exactly what the root cause is? Here is a section of the log that repeats over and over......

2005-10-20 20:02:13.5977 Found command: [mov123] $FILE$
2005-10-20 20:02:13.5981 Setting maxBitRate for home theater to: 320
2005-10-20 20:02:13.5987 Setting maxBitRate for home theater to: 320
2005-10-20 20:02:13.6138 Matched Format: aif Type: mov Command: [mov123] $FILE$
2005-10-20 20:02:13.6146 openSong: this is an mov file: file:///C:/My%20Music/Maroon5/1-22-03-acoustic%20(2004)/04%20-%20Harder%20To%20Breathe.m4a
2005-10-20 20:02:13.6151 file type: mov format: aif inrate: 321.627896034766 maxRate: 320
2005-10-20 20:02:13.6153 command: [mov123] $FILE$
2005-10-20 20:02:13.6168 Using command for conversion: "C:\Program Files\SlimServer2\server\Bin\MSWin32-x86-multi-thread\mov123.exe" "C:\My Music\Maroon5\1-22-03-acoustic (2004)\04 - Harder To Breathe.m4a" |
2005-10-20 20:02:13.6188 Streaming with format: aif
2005-10-20 20:02:13.7478 Read 127 bytes from source
2005-10-20 20:02:13.7483 read a chunk of 127 length
2005-10-20 20:02:13.7495 Read to end of file or pipe
2005-10-20 20:02:13.7500 end of file or error on socket, opening next song, (song pos: 127(tell says: . ), totalbytes: 7594675.55555556)
2005-10-20 20:02:13.7503 opening next song...

Thanks for any help!