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Craig, James (IT)
2005-02-01, 09:58
There is one in the server subdirectory.
It looks OK but I guess it's not.

And I still get the same errors even if I replace strings.txt with the
file at:

This has been a problem with the v6 Windows .exe for a while now.
But it seems like it's not occuring with the other installation types?


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* Craig, James (IT) shaped the electrons to say...

>Thanks! Now I know...
>Now what about these errors then?
>Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at
>/PerlApp/utf8_heavy.pl line 347.
>Use of uninitialized value in scalar assignment at
>/PerlApp/utf8_heavy.pl line 288.
>2005-02-01 12:16:48.4635 Undefined string: PLAYER_SETTINGS
>requested language: EN
>failsafe language: EN
>2005-02-01 12:16:48.4639 Undefined string: SETUP_TITLEFORMAT
>requested language: EN
>failsafe language: EN
>2005-02-01 12:16:48.4643 Undefined string: SETUP_CURRENT
>requested language: EN
>failsafe language: EN

These errors would occur when SlimServer can't find a valid strings.txt

Is there one in your SlimServer directory?

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