View Full Version : Permanent "Please wait requesting..." message

2005-10-19, 03:36
I am getting the message "Please wait requesting..." on the SB almost all the time now.

It obviously connects to SS fine, since if you select something via the web interface it shows up immediately (and plays) on the SB. The SB handset doesn't work while the above message is on, other than to reset it.

I have reset the SB and reconnected (by holding down the power button), and reinstalled the firmware, but to no avail - the SB reconnects and goes straight back to "Please wait requesting..."

Anyone have any ideas on the problem?


Slimserver v6.1b1
Firmware 14 (and the mac address is correct)
Windows 2000
Wireless connection 64bit WEP, 85% signal strength
Router: Linksys WTG54G

2005-10-20, 05:42
The only reference I can find to this on the web, is a snippet of code relating to the RSS newsfeed. I'll try disabling this on the screensavers settings and see what happens...