View Full Version : SlimServer 6.2, How do I love thee, Let me count the ways

2005-10-18, 21:25
OK, So I'm a chicken. I ran 5.4 until early last week. I use my
SqueezeBoxen all the time, didn't want to be a pioneer, and didn't want
to not have music.

There are lots of cool things about 6.2. Thanks to all the developers.

What I really love, and didn't know that I was missing it was
trivially easy to use radio stations. The "Slim Devices Picks"
are just wonderful.

Sure, it is usually just medium grade MP3s, but FM reception has never
been all that great where I live, and the local stations (all owned
by the same two or three mega corporation) are terrible.

I'm in love. Again.


2005-10-19, 10:07
Here, Here!

2005-10-19, 11:53
There was a time when I was getting a little bit worried as stability issues runining my enjoyment of the SB2 but now 6.2 seems to be pretty stable I am enjoying some of the new features such as LastFM and the Squeezenetwork.

This really is a fantastic device kudos to Sean,the team and all the independent developers. I keep trying to get other people to buy some but so far I have not had too much success (mainly due to cost).

For me there are a few minor things which still need to be resolved like easier scanning of new music and the production of a killer GUI but for now I am very happy. DRM is not an issue for me as I avoid it like the plague but I guess for some people this is the important issue still to be resolved.