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FDR Jones
2005-10-18, 15:15

I've searched the internet all afternoon and I can't believe no one is discussing this subject:

Streaming music from iTunes is all well and good, but I'm not interested if I can't stream the audio from a DVD playing on my laptop or audio from multitrack recording software. Is there a compatible software DVD player? Is it possible (say I have a programmer-friend) to customize a certain multitrack recording program to work with this device?


2005-10-19, 01:24
Depending on your OS, there are various programs that can take audio that is being played and convert it into a broadcast stream that the SB can then pick up.

2005-10-19, 05:36
most obviously winamp and shoutcast. Create a local shoutcast server and then connect to that. I used to have to do that to listen to internet radio using my netgear MP101... I soon saw the light and bought a SB2 !

FDR Jones
2005-10-19, 07:23
My OS is Tiger. Looks like Winamp/Shoutcast won't work for me.

2005-10-20, 03:22
My earlier response was not specific because I did not know what OS you were using.

For Tiger take a look at Nicecast from RogueAmoeba. You can download a demo version (the quality degrades after around ten minutes with the demo, but this is enough to see if it suits you). This definitely works, though I am not sure that there are detailed instructions anywhere.