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2005-10-17, 13:57
I am running a slimserver 6.1.1. on a mac G5 running 10.4.2.

No matter what i do, (i.e. setting up the music folders manually or using iTunes) I cannot get my iTunes Library to match my Slimserver library.

iTunes tells me it has: 477 albums, 6965 tracks and 298 artists

slimserver tells me it has: 363 albums with 1353 songs by 1397 artists

So WTF??

Am i missing the point?

How can they be THAT different? Has Slimserver invented a thousand artists?

I have rescanned the server about 58 million times, and every time i do it, it gives me a different number of albums.

please help.

I apologise if this has been covered before, i did search but found nothing that covered it.;


2005-10-17, 14:02
found this thread...


seems like an ongoing thang....

and yes it is a proper pain in the arse!

Dan Sully
2005-10-17, 14:14
* slayaz shaped the electrons to say...

>found this thread...

Please upgrade to the latest 6.2 nightly.

<iNoah> my pdp goes to 11.

2005-10-17, 14:43
See, I knew you'd sort it!

I love you guys!

"616 albums with 7163 songs by 2147 artists"

It's wrong but who cares? It's higher!

Nice one

2005-10-19, 18:50
I noticed, when playing around, that if you check the option "Group Discs" under Behavior, you will get different counts in iTunes and Squeezebox2, if you have multi-disc sets. That's because a name like "Complete Piano Music (Disc 2)" will get joined with "Complete Piano Music (Disc 1)" by Squeezebox2, but iTunes would leave them separate.

Also if you haven't told Squeezebox to rescan your music recently, the counts will be different.

My iTunes also has a problem with duplicate MP3s in different folders (because I renamed them and they didn't delete the old ones)--duplicates may get handled differently.