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2005-10-15, 23:10

I have ordered a SB2, and it is currently sitting at the UPS office, so I haven't had a chance to play with the hardware end of it yet. However, I did get SlimServer up and running, and I added a few hundred discs to the library.

The discs were ripped in FLAC format (which I know the SB2 supports). I usually play these FLAC files in Foobar using "kernel streaming". Essentially Foobar sends a digital stream out through my Chaintech soundcard's digital out which is connected to an Adcom GDA-700 DAC which processes the signal and passes it to my integrated amp. This way I can skip the inferior DACs in the computer and rely on my outboard DAC to do all the processing.

My question is this: is there a way to setup SoftSqueeze to pass a digital signal in a similar way to Foobar? The actual SB2 harware unit will be placed in my living, connected to a system with another DAC, and that should be no problem given the SB2 has a digital out. However, it's not clear to me how I can use my outboard DAC that's hooked up to my computer system in conjunction with SqueezePlay.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


2005-10-21, 21:34
I'm a newb at this too, but yesterday I was streaming mp3's directy into foobar from slimserver.
playlist->add location->http://<server name>:9000/stream.mp3

I have not got it to stream flac files into foobar yet though.


2005-10-22, 15:37
See this thread:

In theory it may be possible, but needs some fiddling. I don't have the hardware need to try and get this going.