View Full Version : IR Not Working Under 6.1.1

2005-10-15, 12:49
I was having some connection issues under my existing install which wasn't helped by an upgrade to current version, so I installed a clean install of 6.1.1 on my os x machine. Then I dragged my standard sb remote and Philips pronto remote files from the old IR folder into the new version's. I then selected the IR files from the web utility. No remotes seem to work now w/ my sb. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

2005-10-18, 19:53
bump! {this is my 1st set of posts here, I hope this is allowed}

2005-10-19, 06:07
I believe this problem has been fixed in 6.2. Try the latest nightly.

2005-10-19, 08:11
Great. I'll do that and report my findings back here. Thanks!

2005-10-19, 08:30
Well, I just installed the latest nightly for 6.2 and I still have the same issue :-( Any other ideas?