View Full Version : Bass and Treble Reset

2005-10-14, 06:04
After restarting (hold down power) my squeeze1 my treble and bass audio settings return to default even though the settings display shows them in the original position before the restart. By simply selecting the Bass and treble and either selecting up or down restores them immediatly.

Is this normal behavior?

2005-10-14, 08:08
Hard to imagine it's normal. Can you tell us which version of slimserver, which O/S, which squeezebox?

2009-02-27, 13:18
I know this is an old post, but this seems to happen on my system with a squeezebox boom too.

When i switch the boom on sometimes the sound is set to defualt but everything shows it as bass up full, if i select the bass it kicks in straight away.

Im using latest firmware and squeezecentre, on a win xp pc.

Version: 7.3.2 - 24695 @ Mon Jan 19 18:55:04 PST 2009

Firmware: 43

2009-02-27, 18:51
Mine used to do that, too... Every time I turned it on. supoer, duper annoying.

However, the last few times I used it, it seemed to behave properly. I assumed it was 7.3.2 that fixed it, as that was about the time I remember it working.

I'll test it again tomorrow and let you know. It literally used to do it every time, so if it doesn'y do it then something changed in 7.3.2.


2009-03-01, 12:03
mmmm i think it may possibly be something to do with the boom loosing connection to squezzecentre, not 100% sure yet!