View Full Version : ReplayGain & LAME --scale?

2005-10-13, 10:15
This is an idea I have had for some time. The idea is to use the
relative volume adjustment tag (RAVD) in an AIFF or Apple Lossless
file as input to the --scale option in LAME while transcoding in
SlimServer. I can set this tag with in iTunes with iVolume that uses
the ReplayGain algorithms. This way I can get the ReplayGain
adjustment I want while streaming or with my SliMP3 and keep my music
library lossless in iTunes and SlimServer. It is my understanding that
the latest versions of SlimServer now recognize this tag so I think it
would be possible to add this functionality. I would attempt this
myself but I have zero coding skills. Anyone up for the challenge?
Thanks, Steven