View Full Version : Stopping hard drives on serveur ?

2005-10-13, 05:49

Is there a way to stop hard drives on the server when the SB2 is not in use ?
I think that Slimserver software scan the drives when the SB2 is off.

I have 4 HD, three with music files. I use Itunes 4.9 (so many troubles with Itunes 5 !) and Slimserver 6.2b. The fourth drive (video files) stop when not in use.

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2005-10-13, 06:05
You can achieve this with power management. If you have XP, go to control panel -> Power Management and select turn off hard disks.

2005-10-13, 06:22
Yes, i have already done that...
but my three music hard drives don't stop. When I access to one of them after sometimes by the network, I have instant access. Before I install slimserver, the first access to one of my HD after few hours was longer because of the need to restart the hard drive (XP have stopped it with power management).
I ask this question because I think it is better to stop HD activity when not in use.


2005-10-21, 09:07
My HD's don't turn off either, and SlimServer is the only thing the PC gets used for (using Win2K).