View Full Version : PC/Mac Clients?

2005-10-12, 18:45
I've had my Squeezebox2 for quite a while now, and while I like the device, I hate making and editing playlists with Slimserver.

Are there any PC/Mac (I would prefer Mac!) clients out there that make creating playlists easier?

I know I'm supposed to be able to use iTunes to do it, but all my music is in FLAC format on a Linux server, so I don't think that option works for me. I see that Softsqueeze says it may have some sort of playlist support in the future, maybe I just have to wait?



2005-10-12, 20:31
You can use any editor capable of making standard playlists. On windows, there's winamp, J River, foobar2000, and about 27,319 others. I assume there are similar numbers on Mac and Linux but I don't know any in particular.

2005-10-13, 05:38
You could take a look at Music Magic Mixer (www.predixis.com)

Although it is really for automatically generating playlists, you might be able to use it to manually create them as well.