View Full Version : slimserver / no squeezebox yet

2005-10-12, 18:34
I'm trying out slimserver and just streaming the music out to Winamp.

I'm probably just missing this, but isn't there a way, within slimserver, to have it use a playlist I have made. (an M3U file)

I can't find any way within slimserver to tell it to play a playlist, or make a playlist, save a playlist..or anything else to do with a playlist..
in server setup, there is a place to tell it where to save a playlist.. but there is nothing being saved there..
How can I tell Slimserver to just play a particluar playlist?

2005-10-12, 18:56
You understand that you need to use your browser to connect to your server's at the address http://<serveraddr>:9000. From there you can create playlists, save them, reload them, etc.

You won't be doing this from winamp.

For a nicer experience, try using instead the SoftSqueeze player. It looks and acts virtually identically to the SqueezeBox 2 hardware. Just be sure you have Java 1.5.4 and javamp3-1_0 installed and configured from within the player. To get the player installed, go to the Help section of the server's web pages. There's a link there to download and install the player.

2005-10-12, 20:29
You talked about server setup, so I assume you're finding the web interface. To save a playlist, add things to Now Playing and use the save link (at the top of the Now Playing track list). To play previously created playlist, use Browse Playlists on the right hand side. If you have existing m3u files you want to use, just put them in your music directory and rescan.