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2005-10-12, 08:43
Hi there, thinking of buying an SB and trying to troubleshoot the unknown issues in the dark.
I get an IP add. re-assigned every time my adsl line goes down or there's a pwr cut. This happens every couple of days. Is this goin to mean that I'm forever goin to be in setup mode, hunting thru menus all the time. ?
Here's what I found on the FAQ that triggered my concern

"Do I have to re-enter the IP address configuration when Squeezebox2 is power-cycled?"
"No, you only have to enter it once. Squeezebox2 stores its configuration internally in flash memory. In the event of a power outage, Squeezebox2 will automatically connect to the server when the power comes back on, using its stored settings."

What I'm worried about is SB no longer finding the adsl modem/router.

Anyone any thoughts ? Really appreciate it.


2005-10-12, 09:26
Your router is likely running DHCP, and you can configure the SB2 to obtain its address automatically (which is via DHCP). Nothing for you to do.

Your router is getting its external IP address automatically as well, but that is not the address your internal devices use. Something called NAT is used, and that translates a public, external IP address into multiple private internal IP addresses. As long as your SB2 is configured to use a free address in that IP address range, or uses DHCP, there's no issue.

2005-10-12, 09:35
> What I'm worried about is SB no longer finding the adsl modem/router.

A router has two addresses: an "external" and an "internal" address. The
external is renewed in the situations you described. It's a public IP
address that can be reached from any point on the internet. The internal
is a private address that you only configure once (or it's configured
automatically by the router itself). It can't be reached from the
internet, but only from your local network. It's typically something like
192.168.1.x. Your SB2 is talking to that internal address and should
therefore not need to be re-configured..



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2005-10-13, 08:33
DOH ! Of course ! Thanks for all the swift and helpful replies people.